Bacon, Bacon Everywhere!

Our weekend in Coron had been extremely fun and action-packed, that we didn’t realize that we were returning to Manila on the 4th of July, which is a huge holiday in the US. 

As Anthony is American, we always make it a point to celebrate Independence Day, regardless of where we are, with a traditional barbecue feast involving A LOT of meat.  Little did we know that we were in for a little surprise.

From the airport, we dropped off our bags at our place and headed towards Charlie’s Grind and Grill in Kapitolyo for some good old-fashioned burgers and hotdogs.  In an interesting turn of events, we happened to find a parking slot across Charlie’s, just in front of a restaurant called Poco Deli, which piqued our interest enough for us to change our plans and try it out instead.

Call it sweet serendipity, Anthony and I took the last remaining parking slot along the busy street, which happened to be in front of Poco Deli.

These chalk boards caught my eye, particularly the words "SLOW COOKED," which never fails to get me very, very excited.

They make their own sausages, folks!

If bacon were a country, I'd pledge my allegiance to it.

The deli's interiors are quaint, cozy and casual, living up to the name, Poco, or "little."

"However, there's certainly nothing poco about their menus," Anthony said, as he held up a teaspoon to further illustrate his point.

If I did not order the callos, I would have gotten the chili seafood pasta, as I've been enjoying a little bit of heat with my food lately.

As we were ordering, I zoned out momentarily and wondered whether I would make a good flamenco dancer. (Quite honestly, I think I would.)

My Mitchell Mouse t-shirt makes another appearance!

It is easy to tell if a stew has been sitting in a slow simmer.

Everyone, gather around and take a minute to admire my Bacon Rice.

This is the smile of someone who just ordered an entire pizza for himself.

Anthony demonstrates the New York Fold. Very important, take note of the structural support provided by the ring finger and pinky.

After practically inhaling my food, I immediately checked out their dessert display and was thrilled to find, not only red velvet CAKE, but also red velvet CUPCAKES!

Not quite sure if I was smiling because of the whimsical wire chair sculptures, or those unbelievably studded chocolate chip cookies behind them.(It was the cookies.)

The Great Red Velvet Showdown is on!

My red velvet cupcake photographed extremely well, but I found it to be slightly on the dry side.

Anthony wins the red velvet showdown with this slice of cake, which he says "was kept moist by the layers of frosting."

Anthony is quick to provide a dollop of frosting as consolation.

I'm definitely having some of this next time I visit… (Maybe, tomorrow?)

Thanks to Len and the gang for a great time!

So that’s how our fourth of July turned out… We were obviously happy with this discovery, as we were back here a few days later with my parents.  By the way, Poco Deli is located at 21 East Kapitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Telephone 477-4332.  Email

Enjoy the rest of the week, guys!  Now how about some bacon for breakfast?  :)

  • Joy

    I love how you and Anthony just REALLY take food so seriously!! Every post of yours makes me HUNGRY!! I can’t wait to try this place! Es looooves callos, so he is SOLD! Please tell Anthony that I love his tan! ;) looks very good on him!

    PS – since you are pledging your allegiance to bacon, suggest you try the newest Sebastian flavor: PANCAKES AND BACON!

  • Hello Balloon

    Hey Joy! Pancakes and bacon!!! Sign me up! Hahahaha! I’ll pass the message along to Anthony… We were happy to get a little tan despite the fact that it was raining a lot. Mwah! :)

  • Eloise Daniot

    this is just lovely! and the fact that it’s just across charlie’s, makes it more epic :)

  • Hello Balloon

    Hi Eloise! You’ll be happy to know that the Kapitolyo area is fast becoming a popular destination for good eateries — A couple of new restaurants just opened, including a pastry shop and — if I’m not mistaken — an adobo place. Definitely make it a point to drop by the next time you visit Manila. :)

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  • joey

    “If bacon were a country, I’d pledge my allegiance to it.” — I am totally with you on this!

  • Eloise Daniot

    I’m dying to go there :( I’m so busy with exams at the meantime

  • Hello Balloon

    We are its proud citizens!

  • Hello Balloon

    Good luck with your exams! :)

  • Pam

    Oooh. miss this place! When I was preggy, I would be here 2-3x/wk! Have you tried their Irish Beef Stew? Yummm.

  • Hello Balloon

    That’s what I had the last time we were there with my parents! I LOVE their stews, their pastas, and their homemade sausages! They have a freezer by the entrance of what’s supposed to be amazing ice cream… I just take a deep breath and look the other way. I know I can’t fight that kind of temptation!!!