We Heart Smoked Pork // The Allure of Latin American Street Food

We’re so excited to present the latest restaurant to make it to our favorites list. In fact, we found ourselves returning for a second visit even before the blog post from our first one was posted!  So brace yourselves for a real treat, as we combine the two visits into one mammoth blog post!
Check out these pictures and see why we’re crazy for Brasas, which serves up Latin American street food right in the heart of the Ortigas district. Hope you’re hungry!

Right off the bat, let us begin by saying that Brasas will make your trek up to the fifth floor of the Podium Mall totally worth it.

It's a good idea to time your arrival at an off-peak hour, just like we did, as the restaurant fills up pretty quickly.

We found out that the word Brasas refers to burning hot coal… Mucho caliente!

Even the graffiti will make you hungry.

We took a table right next to the window by the kitchen where we caught glimpses of our order being prepared. "Try not to stare," Anthony reminded me. Lol!

Start your meal with this scrumptious Picadillo soup, which comes loaded with braised beef brisket, tomatoes, carrots and peas, and is topped with a creamy polenta cake and crunchy tortilla strips.

Anthony and I loved their patacones so much — that is, smoked pulled pork served on crispy plantain chips, and topped with tomato salsa and melted Monterey Jack cheese –that we had to do a round of Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who would get the fifth and final piece. (We really did, and I won. Lol!)

At Brasas, they're generous with their servings — Check out my super delicious grilled chicken over rice!

Even after the hearty Picadillo soup, would you believe I was able to eat everything on this plate?!? Man Vs. Food would have been proud!

Faced with heaping platters of yummy food, I momentarily forgot that I was with Anthony. (Oh, there you are, I told him. Hahaha!)

Feast your eyes on Anthony's grilled chicken wrap, which got me thinking… Wasn't the Chunky Chicken a popular dance move in the eighties?

We made it a point to introduce ourselves to the person behind all these fabulous dishes, Chef Nathaly, who is originally from Colombia.

Before we left Podium, we played a little game of choosing our favorite dresses from the display. Can you figure out who chose what?

It came as a shock to me that Anthony chose this one.

"She's the only one with a face," he reasoned out, though I am more likely to believe that he may just be secretly fond of Kali's "kimono look." LOL!

I, on the other hand, chose this little navy blue number from Cole Vintage. Now isn't this game so much fun?!?

Just a mere two days later, we found ourselves back at Brasas. We were in such high spirits that Anthony even entertained me with a little bartender shizzle, 'ala Tom Cruise in his 1988 hit movie, Cocktail.

This isn't exactly the best thing to be doing when you're wearing white shorts.

Once again, we had to decide what to do with the controversial fifth piece.

It seemed like a good idea at first, but splitting it in half turned out to be a very messy endeavor. (Next time let's just stick with Rock-Paper-Scissors, shall we?)

This dish was so good, we actually forgot what it was called. Hahaha! Take our word for it, if you love creamed corn, you'll surely love this!

Anthony was happy as a clam as he bit into his jawbreaker of a sandwich. (Which got me wondering… Do clams have jaws? Hahaha)

Smokey, sloppy and satisfying — Brasas successfully captures all the things we love about street food!

We saved the best for last… Behold their Cuban Puerco Asada, which is slow-roasted pork with crunchy skin, roasted vegetables, and the most delectable rice with beans.

I kid you not, Anthony actually heard me munchin' and crunchin' away from across the table!

Quintessential self-portrait by the convex mirror, which, as always, provides us with a much-needed "slimming effect."

Speaking of slimming effects, did I mention we decided to get Golden Spoon for dessert? It's just yogurt, we justified. Lol!

We walked over to Megamall, where Halloween was in full swing and came across this lady, who was more than happy to "give us a hand."

Then she started getting more inventive with her poses, which of course, I enjoyed.

It was only a matter of time before one of us whipped out a "high five" joke…

Brasas is located at the 5th Floor of The Podium Mall, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Tel. 0917 897 4005.

Happy to end this blog post with our favorite song from Cocktail, here performed by… The Muppets?!? Enjoy!


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=751925143 Pinky Peralta

    hahaha! this is surely a very entertaining piece! Hands down!

  • http://www.helloballoon.com Hello Balloon

    Thanks, Pinky! Happy eating! Hahaha! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=525151190 Joy Ycasiano-Dejos

    OMG if Es saw this post, he’d drag me to Podium the very second he finishes the article (or maybe he wouldn’t even finish it!). A definite must for my carnivore hubby!

    Interesting that I can totally see Cristina wearing the dress you picked out!! ;) I would’ve picked out the deep violet jersey dress :)

    My mom absolutely LOVES the mirrors in Podium and we always have to have a shot of her reflection when we’re there! Haha :) This goes way back to Podium’s first year of operation!

  • http://www.helloballoon.com Hello Balloon

    Brasas is our new favorite restaurant! Anthony talks about it almost every day. Hahaha! In fact, I’m willing to bet that we’ll probably end up going there in the next 48 hours… I’m serious! Hahaha!

    Interesting that you chose the violet jersey dress… We should really go shopping together sometime! And maybe test out all those mirrors at Podium! Hahaha! We miss you so much!!!